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All services can be quoted for your size of acreage


  • Top dressing fills uneven ground to prevent rough riding on your riding lawn mower, also improves soil and grass health for a beautiful yard

  • Contact for topdressing rates 

Acreage Aerating 

  • Allows air, moisture and fertilizer deeper into the soil to produce thicker, healthier grass

  • Aerating - $150/Acre - $80/Acre after the first acre.

Acreage Power Raking 

  • Removes the dead grass an debris deep into the lawn to help healthier grass grow in its place

  • Power rake and clean - $350/acre - $250/acre after the first acre.

Custom Mowing

  • We provide custom mowing quotes for all sizes and package options for your yard

  • Contact for mowing rates

Temporary and Permanent Irrigation

  • Water hauling can be included 

  • Worth the investment for tree start ups

  • Contract for irrigation rates

Over Seeding

  • Over seeding helps to thicken up your lawn to a lush space 

  • Mechanical Seeding - $3.70/100 sq.ft

  • Broadcast seeding - $19.60/1000 sq.ft

Land Rolling

  • Land rolling - $100/hr


  • Fertilizing - $9.35/1000 sq.ft.

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