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Growing Grass on your 5-Acres

When trying to grow grass over your ~5 acre lot, it can be an overwhelming process. But we are here to help you and you have a few options to achieve optimal growth so your yard can be lush in no time. What do you need to grow grass? Heat and water are the main components to getting your seeds to take off.

Soil prep is the very first step that you need to take in making your yard smooth. It is one of the most important steps. We all want to get seed into the ground as quick as possible, but it is a waste of seed to skip proper soil preparation.

Your two options are Drill-seeding vs hydroseeding. Most acreage owners go with drill-seeding due to the lower cost but each have their own pros and cons. With drill-seeding, we run the seed directly into the ground making it optimal for seeding into the ground at the correct depth for proper germination. Prevention from wind, birds, and animals to eat the seeds. Create proper texture in the soil to be able to hold moisture where it is needed.

(The picture below was a soccer field reseeded with the drill seeder achieved in under 2 months with optimal heat and water)

Your next option for mass grass seeding without breaking the bank is Hydoseeding. Hydroseeding is the green spray grass that gets sprayed on top of the surface. The mulch slurry is made up of wood mulch, grass seed, fertilizer, and tacktifier (glue). Once sprayed the tacktifier bonds and holds everything together. Once bonded this will help with any seed disappearing from birds or wind. It holds in moisture to keep the perfect germination that the seeds like. It has erosion control perfect for if you are trying to seed ditches or hills.

Next up you need to decide where your water source is coming from. The last three years in Saskatchewan we’ve been in a drought and there hasn’t been optimal water to get grass growing healthy. If you’re in a position where you want to get your grass to take off we can set up a temporary irrigation unit in your yard. We will bring in water, set up a temporary irrigation system and check on it weekly. No fingers need to be lifted in this situation, are systems are all automatically run and looked after by us!!

Lastly, once your grass is growing after you’ve had your heat and water throughout the summer, fertilizing the grass will be an easy phone call away for us to come and make sure the grass is germinating like it should. Regular maintenance after the first mow is needed.

And there you have it. A simple guide to getting your new parcel of land green. Give us a call for a quote today!

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